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Caselaw Update - Employment Law 2022

Two experienced attorneys, one from the defense side, the other from the plaintiff side, will present an update on the most recent employment law decisions from the United States Supreme Court, 7th Circuit Court of Appeals, and other Illinois Courts. They will present their respective views on the significance of these decisions from both legal and practical standpoints.

Business Valuation Caselaw Update 2022

We address our 2021 financial caselaw since our last seminar regarding child support, maintenance and property cases. These include the ever-important imputing income for support and maintenance topic and foreseeability for modification purposes.

Employment Law Institute 2022

Get up to date on the hottest topics facing employment and labor attorneys! Topics include remote work checklist, caselaw and employment law updates, COVID developments, a wage and hour update, and novel discrimination theories. You won't want to miss our lunch presentation featuring agency officials giving the inside scoop, or our special ethics presentation with a political and social justice panel discussion.
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Local Government Legislative & Caselaw Update 2021

An update on 2021 cases from federal and Illinois courts that impacted units of local government in Illinois.