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Conducting the Employment Practices Audit 2015 Edition

Practical resource covering labor and employment laws and issues. Includes editable forms.
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The landscape of labor and employment laws and issues that employment counsel, human resource professionals, and business owners face is ever-expanding. A regular or periodic review of employment-related documents, policies, and procedures will help ensure compliance with these laws, and it will help ensure maximum results from an employee relations standpoint. This handbook is intended to assist in identifying and understanding the many important labor and employment issues that have the potential to create significant legal and practical problems if not promptly and effectively addressed. Topics covered include hiring issues, affirmative action, employment agreements, child labor laws, termination, reductions in force, compliance with the National Labor Relations Act, and workers’ compensation. This handbook also includes a sample employment agreement and employee handbook. 

Chapter 1 — Introduction

Peter J. Gillespie, Fisher & Phillips LLP, Chicago

Chapter 2 — Practical and Legal Considerations Prior to Conducting the Audit

Nancy E. Sasamoto, Masuda, Funai, Eifert & Mitchell, Ltd., Chicago

Chapter 3 — Hiring Process and Related Issues

Norma W. Zeitler and Kaitlyn N. Jakubowski, Barnes & Thornburg LLP, Chicago, and Marco A. Moreno, Moreno & Villarrubia LLP, Indianapolis, IN

Chapter 4 — Affirmative Action and Drug-Free Workplaces: Federal Government Contractor Considerations

Michael R. Lied, Howard & Howard Attorneys PLLC, Peoria

Chapter 5 — Employment Agreements

Richard P. McArdle and Tracy M. Billows, Seyfarth Shaw LLP, Chicago

Chapter 6 — Antidiscrimination and Antiharassment Policies and Training

Daniel R. Bryer and Mark J. Sobczak, Clausen Miller P.C., Chicago

Chapter 7 — Personnel Records and Posting of Notices

Jeffrey A. Risch, SmithAmundsen LLC, Chicago

Chapter 8 — Wage and Hour Issues and Child Labor Laws

David E. Krchak, Thomas, Mamer & Haughey, LLP, Champaign

Chapter 9 — Discipline and Termination Issues

John F. Kuenstler, Barnes & Thornburg LLP, Chicago

Chapter 10 — Reductions in Force

Jeffrey A. Risch, SmithAmundsen LLC, Chicago, and Michael F. Hughes, SmithAmundsen LLC, St. Charles

Chapter 11 — Compliance with the National Labor Relations Act

Joshua L. Ditelberg, Seyfarth Shaw LLP, Chicago

Chapter 12 — Independent Contractors and Other Nonemployees

Paul H. Burmeister, Davis & Campbell L.L.C., Chicago

Chapter 13 — The Audit Report and Follow-Up

Daniel R. Bryer and Michael V. Furlong, Clausen Miller P.C., Chicago

Chapter 14 — Workers’ Compensation Compliance and Preparedness Audit

Noah A. Frank and Anita Senese-Johnson, SmithAmundsen LLC, Chicago

Chapter 15 — Appendix

Bradford A. LeHew, Law Offices of Bradford LeHew, Chicago


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