Condominium Law FLASHPOINTS July 2021

Kenneth Michaels, Jr., Bauch & Michaels, LLC, Chicago
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Responsibilities in Maintenance of Condominium Property

Since the tragedy at Champlain Towers South in the Miami area a couple weeks ago, lawyers throughout the country are receiving inquiries about ...

Criminal Law FLASHPOINTS July 2021

Matthew R. Leisten, Ogle County State’s Attorney’s Office, Oregon
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First and Second Districts Rule on Lay Opinions

In the past year, the appellate courts have issued rulings on lay opinions with holdings that upheld and reversed convictions. In People v. Ris...

Employment & Labor Law FLASHPOINTS July 2021

Thomas C. Garretson, Robbins Schwartz, Chicago
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Get off my Property: SCOTUS Limits Union Access to Employer Premises

On June 23, 2021, the U.S. Supreme Court struck down as unconstitutional a California regulation that allowed union organizers access to an ...

Estate Planning & Probate Law FLASHPOINTS July 2021

Ray J. Koenig III & MacKenzie A. Hyde, Clark Hill PLC, Chicago
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The following is an excerpt from §2.3 of CAUSES OF ACTION: PROBATE ACTIONS (IICLE®, 2021), available in print and as an e-book here.

When Is a Spouse a ...

Family Law FLASHPOINTS July 2021

Donald C. Schiller | Schiller DuCanto & Fleck LLP, Chicago, Lake Forest & Wheaton
Michelle A. Lawless | Law Office of Michelle A. Lawless LLC, Chicago
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Illinois Supreme Court Reverses Appellate Court, Holds It Did Have ...

Financial Services FLASHPOINTS July 2021

Michael L. Weissman, Levin Ginsburg, Chicago
312-368-0100 | E-mail Michael L. Weissman

Error in Debtor’s Name on Financing Statement Causes Lender To Lose Priority Dispute

In AgGeorgia Farm Credit v. Wynn (In re Wynn), 627 B.R. 192 (M.D.Ga. Apr. 2, 2021), an error in the debtor’s name on a filed f...

Workers’ Compensation FLASHPOINTS July 2021

Joseph P. Basile | E-mail Joseph Basile

In June, the Workers’ Compensation Commission Division of the Illinois Appellate Court filed a Rule 23 order concerning a claim involving exposure to chemicals in the workplace, which is reviewed this month. The case demonstrates the importance of preparation...

Supreme Court Forms Now Available with Formulaw Online

Formulaw Online is the Illinois Institute for Continuing Legal Education’s automated forms solution. Our form templates are built on the IICLE® content Illinois lawyers have trusted for over 60 years and are reviewed annually to ensure accuracy and to keep forms up-to-date. Simply choose the form yo...

Civil Litigation FLASHPOINTS July 2021

Anna Porter, Katten Muchin Rosenman LLP, Chicago
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Foreclosure Filing Fees and Free Access Under Illinois Constitution

In response to the mortgage foreclosure crisis, the Illinois legislature enacted a series of statutes under the Save Our Neighborhoods Act in 2012...

FLASHPOINTS Spotlight June 2021

Nina B. Stillman, The Stillman Law Group, Chicago
312-819-5360 | E-mail Nina B. Stillman

The Institute celebrates the volunteer work of Nina B. Stillman of The Stillman Law Group in Chicago for the June 2021 FLASHPOINTS Author Spotlight. Stillman contributed as an author to CAUSES OF ACTION: PROBAT...