Criminal Law FLASHPOINTS September 2020

Matthew R. Leisten, Winnebago County State’s Attorney’s Office, Rockford
815-319-4700 | E-mail Matthew R. Leisten

Franks Hearing Update

In People v. Williams, 2020 IL App (1st) 190418, the First District Appellate Court reversed a trial court’s ruling that an officer committed a Franks violation w...

Family Law FLASHPOINTS September 2020

Donald C. Schiller | Schiller DuCanto & Fleck LLP, Chicago, Lake Forest & Wheaton
Michelle A. Lawless | Law Office of Michelle A. Lawless LLC, Chicago
312-641-5560 | E-mail Donald Schiller | 312-741-1092 | E-mail Michelle Lawless

Child Support True-Up Provisions in Marital Settlement Agreement St...

Real Estate Law FLASHPOINTS September 2020

Michael J. Rooney | 312-401-3454 | E-mail Michael J. Rooney

Seventh Circuit and Illinois Commercial Real Estate Sales Contracts: Great Reading

As an old-fashioned (and, in fact, old) dirt lawyer, it does my heart good when a lawsuit is decided based on the substantive law and not some procedural q...

Workers' Compensation FLASHPOINTS September 2020

Joseph P. Basile | E-mail Joseph Basile

This month presents a summary of a Rule 23 order involving a petitioner who sustained two falls while taking walks during employer-approved breaks that occurred outside of the building where she worked. The Workers’ Occupational Diseases Act (OD Act), 820 ILC...

Employment & Labor Law FLASHPOINTS September 2020

Catherine R. Locallo, Robbins Schwartz, Chicago
312-332-7760 | E-mail Catherine R. Locallo

Superintendent’s Police Report Is Protected Speech

On August 3, 2020, the Seventh Circuit upheld a $400,000 jury award to former Harvey School District Superintendent Denean Adams and affirmed a finding that...

Civil Litigation FLASHPOINTS September 2020

Matthew H. Bunn, Freeborn & Peters LLP, Chicago
312-360-6618 | E-mail Matthew H. Bunn

Making the Hardest Part of Litigation Even Harder: Depositions in the Age of COVID-19

While trial is the end-all, be-all of a lawsuit, most cases don’t reach trial. And so besides trial itself, most litigators wo...

Condominium Law FLASHPOINTS September 2020

Kenneth Michaels, Jr., Lakelaw, Chicago
312-588-5000 | E-Mail Kenneth Michaels, Jr.

Federal Best Practices and Illinois Legislation on Reasonable Accommodations of Service and Support Animals

Political divisions pale in comparison to the positions people hold on whether animals or pets should be ...

IICLE® Student Ambassador Spotlight September 2020

The Institute is pleased to announce Regina Fragale, J.D. Candidate for 2022 at Southern Illinois University School of Law, as a newly selected student ambassador. Before entering law school, Fragale earned her bachelor’s degree in sociology from Ashford University in San Diego.

At SIU, Fragale is ...

Estate Planning & Probate Law FLASHPOINTS September 2020

James W. Hitzeman & Ryan T. Court, Loeb & Loeb LLP, Chicago
312-464-3183 | E-mail James W. Hitzeman | 312-464-3186 | E-mail Ryan T. Court

Below is an excerpt from §5.5 of LITIGATING DISPUTED ESTATES, TRUSTS, GUARDIANSHIPS, AND CHARITABLE BEQUESTS (IICLE®, 2020). Visit here to pre-order your copy of...

Civil Litigation FLASHPOINTS August 2020
First District: Arbitrator, Not Court, Determines Whether Party Waived Right to Arbitration