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Table of Contents
  • Josef S. Athanas
  • Paul M. Bauch
  • Richard M. Bendix, Jr.
  • Brad A. Berish
  • Mark A. Berkoff
  • Matthew J. Botica
  • William Choslovsky
  • Mindy D. Cohn
  • Jeremy M. Downs
  • David R. Doyle
  • Michael M. Eidelman
  • Brad B. Erens
  • Robert M. Fishman
  • Joseph D. Frank
  • Jonathan Friedland
  • Jeffrey L. Gansberg
  • Frances F. Gecker
  • Chad H. Gettleman
  • Deborah M. Gutfeld
  • David A. Hall
  • James R. Irving
  • Danielle Wildern Juhle
  • Michael J. Kelly
  • Matthew Kriegel
  • Richard G. Larsen
  • Mark E. Leipold
  • Douglas J. Lipke
  • Gerald F. Munitz
  • Jill L. Nicholson
  • George Panagakis
  • Felicia Gerber Perlman
  • Nathan Q. Rugg
  • Carolina Y. Sales
  • Marylynne Schwartz
  • Adam P. Silverman
  • Michael J. Small
  • Alan P. Solow
  • James H.M. Sprayregen
  • Catherine L. Steege
  • Steven B. Towbin
  • Bruce L. Wald
  • Matthew L. Warren
  • Daniel A. Zazove

Business Bankruptcy Practice (ARCHIVED 2011 EDITION & 2013 SUPPLEMENT)

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