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Employment Termination: Procedures, Grounds, and Challenges 2018 Edition

This is the second of two new editions replacing the EMPLOYMENT TERMINATION, 2013 edition — the first being EMPLOYMENT TERMINATION: EMPLOYER OBLIGATIONS AND WORKPLACE CONSIDERATIONS (published September 2018).
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This valuable guide provides assistance for attorneys dealing with the challenges inherent in employment termination issues. Chapter topics include federal and state regulations; contractual exceptions to the employment-at-will doctrine; employer record-keeping responsibilities; investigation, testing, and privacy of employees; public employees; the rights and responsibilities of attorneys as employees; partners and minority shareholders; criminal law in the workplace; and pregnancy and family leave in the workplace.

Listing of chapters, authors (with firms hyperlinked and location — city — noted), general editor(s) (if applicable).


Chapter 1 — Federal and State Labor Regulation

Heather A. Bailey, SmithAmundsen LLC, Chicago


Chapter 2 — Contractual Exceptions to the Employment-at-Will Doctrine

Marcia G. Cotler, Cotler Law LLC, Northbrook


Chapter 3 — Employer Record-keeping Responsibilities

Lynn W. Esp, General Counsel, Great Lakes Credit Union, Bannockburn


Chapter 4 — Investigation, Testing, and Privacy

Michael R. Lied and Tiffany L. Carpenter, Howard & Howard, Peoria and Chicago


Chapter 5 — Public Employees

Lynn Esp, General Counsel, Great Lakes Credit Union, Bannockburn


Chapter 6 — Lawyers as Employees: Rights and Responsibilities

Steven M. Hartmann and Emily J. Stine, Freeborn & Peters, Chicago


Chapter 7 — Partners and Minority Shareholders

Michael J. Leech, Talk Sense Mediation, Chicago


Chapter 8 — Criminal Law in the Workplace

Jacinta Epting, Special Assistant for Legal Affairs, Office of the Chief Procurement Officer, Chicago


Chapter 9 — Pregnancy and Family Leave Issues in the Workplace

L. Steven Platt, Robbins, Salomon & Patt, Ltd., Chicago


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