Why Are My Support Numbers Different Than Yours?

Have you ever tried to determine child support and the calculations you received are vastly different from the calculations provided by your client, opposing counsel, or even the Judge? Explore the variables, assumptions, and tax implications which impact child support calculations irrespective of whether or not child support is based on statutory guidelines. Recognizing and understanding the variables which may impact child support calculations encourages financial transparency, thereby enhancing the path to resolution.
Credits: 0.75 General, 0 Diversity/Inclusion PR, 0 MH/SA PR, 0 Other PR
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$60.00 or 0.75 credits

Faculty: Kimberly Cook, Dovetail Conflict Resolution, Chicago

Expires: 5/1/2023

Faculty: Kimberly Cook, Dovetail Conflict Resolution, Chicago

Expires: 5/1/2023

Products specifications
Program Date5/5/2021
Products specifications
Program Date5/5/2021
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