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Child Support and Maintenance

The way child support is calculated in Illinois is completely changing on July 1, 2017; learn all about the new Income Shares model so that you’ll be on the cutting edge of effectively representing your family law clients!
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  • Original Program Date: 05/18/2017
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What’s on the Horizon?: Income Shares and the Future of Maintenance and Child Support

Recorded: May 18, 2017 

 Moderators:    Nancy Chausow Shafer, Chausow Shafer PC, Highland Park
Gunnar J. Gitlin, The Gitlin Law Firm, Woodstock

Income Shares: Computation of Basic Support Obligations
This session will provide a hands-on opportunity to calculate child support using the new income shares guidelines. Bring a pencil so you can learn to quickly and accurately calculate child support. Worksheets will be provided and examples given. You will understand the basic child support obligation and much much more.
Margaret A. BennettBennett Law Firm, LLC, Oak Brook   

The History of Child Support Guidelines in Illinois
Laura Morgan, 
Family Law Consulting, Amherst, MA 

Net Income: Using Standardized or Individualized Tax Deductions
The statute directs the use of net income for calculating support, and permits either standardized or individualized taxes to be deducted from gross to arrive at net income. What does this mean, how do you know what to use and when, and what is the difference? We will explain the different tax scenarios and make it simple for you to figure out how to manage this aspect of the new statute.
Nancy Chausow Shafer, Chausow Shafer PC, Highland Park 
Gunnar J. Gitlin, The Gitlin Law Firm, Woodstock 

Adjustments to Income: Maintenance, Business Income, Non-Shared Children
This session will explore statutory adjustments to income for child support as well as a discussion of extant case law as an indicator for how courts may interpret the support amendments in the future.
Raiford D. Palmer, Sullivan Taylor & Gumina, P.C., Naperville

Income Shares: Shared Parenting Formula
The number of overnights a child spends with each parent now makes a difference in child support calculations.  Learn about the magic number of 146 overnights as well as Split Placement.  
Stephanie KastenThe Gitlin Law Firm, Woodstock 

Beyond Child Support: Allocation of Medical, Child Care, and Extracurricular Costs      
This session will discuss how the revisions to the child support statute have affected the court’s approach to the allocation of “direct pay” expenses.                                       
Craig M. Mandell, Berger Schatz, Lake Forest 

Paying for College: The Evolution of Section 513
We will break down the “new” 513 and discuss “new” points of authority, limitations, clarity and ambiguities.
James QuigleyBeermann Pritikin Mirabelli Swerdlove, LLPChicago
Jordan Rosenberg, Beermann Pritikin Mirabelli Swerdlove, LLP, Chicago

High(er) Income Case Child Support and Maintenance
This session will explain how guidelines are applied and when they are deviated from in higher income cases.
Michael F. KoenigsbergerDussias Skallas Wittenberg Koenigsberger LLPChicago 

Fairness (Child Support and Maintenance): Understanding the Connections and the Concept of Fairness in the New Guidelines
An important part of the practice of law is managing not just clients’ concerns and expectations, but also the Court’s and our own.  Learn how to effectively manage those expectations with helpful tips about client communication and negotiation strategies to understand “fairness” of the cash flow reallocations under the new statute.
(0.5 Professional Responsibility)
Nancy Chausow ShaferChausow Shafer, PCHighland Park 

Think Tank Roundtable about the Future of Maintenance & Child Support
Professionalism calls for us to commit to improving the law and the administration of justice.  Hear from experienced judges and practitioners about where they think the law regarding child support and maintenance is heading, and how all members of the bar can contribute to serving justice as family law attorneys.
(1.0 Professional Responsibility)
Hon. Grace Dickler, Presiding Judge Domestic Relations Division, Circuit Court of Cook County, Chicago
Hon. Pamela Loza, Circuit Court of Cook County, Chicago
Hon. Jeanne M. Reynolds, Circuit Court of Cook County, Skokie
Hon. Elizabeth RochfordCircuit Court of Lake County, Waukegan
Joy Feinberg, Boyle Feinberg PC, Chicago
Gunnar J. GitlinThe Gitlin Law Firm, Woodstock, IL
Michael F. Koenigsberger, Dussias Skallas Wittenberg Koenigsberger LLPChicago
Laura MorganFamily Law ConsultingAmherst, MA


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  • Program Materials
    Child Support And Maintenance
  • Program Materials
    Child Support And Maintenance
  • Program Materials
    Child Support And Maintenance
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    Child Support And Maintenance
  • Child Support Handout
    Child Support Handout
  • Child Support Handout
    Child Support Handout
  • Program Materials
    Child Support And Maintenance
  • Basic Child Support Obligation - Worksheet A
    Basic Child Support Obligation - Worksheet A
  • Shared Care Formula
    Shared Care Formula
  • Basic Child Support Obligation - Worksheet A
    Basic Child Support Obligation - Worksheet A
  • Shared Care Formula
    Shared Care Formula
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