Forrest Gump and the Practice of Law: Did you know that Stress Reducing Techniques for Lawyers are also Life Enhancing Strategies?

Life is stressful enough and law practice even more so. Given all that has recently, it is more important than ever for lawyers to address their physical, mental and even spiritual health. Lawyers who are healthy and happy are just better at what they do professionally. This presentation will explore those issues and provide tips and thoughts on how to achieve work-life balance and improve health and satisfaction with life.
Credits: 0 General, 0 Diversity/Inclusion PR, 1 MH/SA PR, 0 Other PR
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Expires: 5/1/2023

Faculty: Jason S. Ornduff, Harrison & Held, LLP, Chicago

Expires: 5/1/2023

Faculty: Jason S. Ornduff, Harrison & Held, LLP, Chicago

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Program Date5/24 & 5/25/2021
Products specifications
Program Date5/24 & 5/25/2021
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The Importance of a Mental Health Provider Resource

Begin with the unique stressors of long hours, soaring law school debt, a highly competitive job market, client demands and expectations, lack of work-life balance, changing legal paradigms, and the “modern law firm” technology learning curve. Add to that list the most recent changes and adaptations associated with COVID-19 where small and large firms have had to address the evolving needs of both hard and the soft skills of legal professionals. Lawyers and law firms poised for keeping a competitive edge recognize the value in and necessity of incorporating a mental health professional to meet the needs of the individual attorney, the group practice, and the client toward optimal career satisfaction, productivity, and profitability. This session will help you incorporate this professional resource... because it is no longer an option not to.

Positive Psychology: Proactive Tools and Techniques

Positive Psychology: Proactive Tools and Techniques - Session 1
(1.0 MHSA Professional Responsibility credit)
The aspiration to “feel better” is admirable but shortsighted, especially for lawyers. We face formidable societal and organizational obstacles to achieving a sense of well-being. The factors that make lawyers a vulnerable population, in combination with mainstream messaging about positivity, create a counterproductive and harmful approach to lawyer well-being. This workshop uses brain science and interactive techniques to challenge participants’ preconceived notions of positive thinking, depression, and anxiety, and explore how impactful their mindset truly is.