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Essentials Bundle

Essential Handbooks for Every Illinois Attorney
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Save over $100 by purchasing this bundle of practice guidance manuals for every attorney's library.

Elements of Illinois Law: Practicing Ethically 2015 Edition
To practice ethically, every attorney must be familiar with the Rules of Professional Conduct, know how to structure office procedures and systems to minimize potential ethical problems, and recognize the ethical issues that arise more frequently in his or her practice area. This reformatted reference tool provides tips, discussion, and practical guidance for all Illinois practicing attorneys and will help you fulfill your ethical duties and meet the highest standards of the legal profession. Everything from registration and MCLE requirements to places to turn for help with ethics questions is covered in this guide.

Contract Law 2016 Edition
This handbook offers instructions on contract formation, modification, and performance as well as detailed practical guidance concerning the use of contracts in special situations. Topics covered include formation under Article 2 of the Uniform Commercial Code; problems in formation, including incapacity, mistake, fraud, duress, illegality, and unconscionability; and contract performance under both the common law and the Uniform Commercial Code. Breach of contract is extensively discussed in regards to nonperformance, rights, legal remedies, and calculating damages for the breach of contract. There are chapters dedicated to the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods, the parol evidence rule, the statute of frauds, promissory estoppel, equitable remedies, and economic loss.

Illinois Sunshine Law 2016 Edition
The Illinois Freedom of Information Act and the Open Meetings Act are more than journalistic tools of the trade. In addition to those familiar uses of FOIA requests and OMA invocations, these Acts can also become effective means for attorneys to obtain access to information in matters ranging from marital disputes to estate litigation. This handbook offers multi-perspective guidance on Illinois’ sunshine laws from authors including counsel for governmental units as well as for media outlets. Understand these two useful Acts through chapters explaining the particulars of procedures, exemptions, and enforcement under both the Illinois FOIA and the OMA. Other topics concern identifying public bodies and public records, protecting sensitive records, and a discussion of the ethical aspects of public disclosure laws. You will be “in the know” with author discussions of recent caselaw in this universal resource that has a place in every Illinois attorney’s library.

The Attorney's Networking Handbook
In this book, Steve Fretzin provides effective networking tips and strategies specific to the legal industry.  His proprietary methodologies for helping attorneys with their business development have led to double-digit growth for many of his clients.


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