Top 5 Online On-Demand Litigation Programs

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Digital Forensics 101

This program offers an introduction to digital forensics and features the most common ways to locate, preserve, and analyze ESI (electronically stored information) to support litigation. Through use cases and case studies, learn about how to find data that originates or is stored in multiple locations, how data can be used in ways you may not have considered, and how to avoid pitfalls throughout the litigation lifecycle.

ADR 101: Everything You Want to Know About Alternative Dispute Resolution But Are Afraid to Ask

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) should be a tool considered for any dispute from pending litigation to pre-litigation. Learn from a panel of experienced attorneys about the ADR process, practical tips, and advice for how it can be an effective tool in any practice area.

General Tort Immunity: Provisions You Should Know Exist

Review the relevant statutes defining tort immunity and the extent to which these laws "immunize" units of local government from certain types of liability for claims relating to public property, police and fire services, and medical providers and facilities.

Suing and Settling Cases with People Who Have Died

How do you resolve a civil case when the plaintiff or defendant to that case dies? This program answers that question by providing an overview of the probate court process, how that process intersects with civil law, and what must be done to pay out a civil settlement to a probate estate.

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