Top 5 Family Law Online On-Demand Programs

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Overview of Valuations in Divorce

Learn about valuations and how they are used in divorce cases.

Cohabitation Agreements

How do you come to an agreement when unmarried people wish to define their rights to live, pay for expenses, and own property together? What are the differences between a prenuptial agreement and a cohabitation agreement? Are cohabitation agreements valid in Illinois? Example language included!

Care and Feeding of Guardians ad Litem

Learn the differences between a Guardian ad Litem, Child Representative, and Attorney for the Child and the circumstances when each is most appropriate. Understand what actions are best for clients to take when one of these representatives is appointed and what you can do to help your client make the most of the appointed representative.

Special Needs Divorce

Divorce involving the parents of a child with special needs is far more complicated than the divorce of parents of children without special needs. In this session, you will learn how to protect government benefits and how to obtain adult child support, among other important factors.