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Three Books


Attorneys' Legal Liability 2018 Edition
This handbook addresses the core duty of each attorney, as a trustee for the public good, to shape and manage his or her practice to meet the unique responsibilities of the legal profession. The authors clearly define standards of care and provide guidance for maintaining those standards. Included in the handbook are in-depth discussions of attorney liability, malpractice, breach of fiduciary duty, attorney-client privilege, attorney-work-product doctrine, trust accounts, conflicts of interest, sanctions, disciplinary liability, risk management, and attorneys in transition, as well as many other issues specific to Illinois attorneys. Best-practice guidance is provided to assist those attorneys seeking to best serve their clients, whether in public or private practice

Motor Vehicle Violations 2017 Edition
No matter an attorney’s area of concentration, he or she will from time to time receive inquiries from clients about traffic citations. Indeed, an appearance in traffic court is often the only contact with the legal system a client may have and is the singular part of the legal system attended by most citizens. This resource, covering non-alcohol-related motor vehicle violations and Chicago Traffic Court procedures and practices, will help counsel provide more meaningful advice and attain more favorable results for clients.

Elements of Illinois Law: Practicing Ethically 2015 Edition
To practice ethically, every attorney must be familiar with the Rules of Professional Conduct, know how to structure office procedures and systems to minimize potential ethical problems, and recognize the ethical issues that arise more frequently in his or her practice area. This essential reference tool provides tips, discussion, and practical guidance for all Illinois practicing attorneys and will help you fulfill your ethical duties and meet the highest standards of the legal profession. Everything from registration and MCLE requirements to places to turn for help with ethics questions is covered in this guide.

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