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 Your Editable Automated Forms Solution
[PRO Plug-In for Microsoft Word] + (Select IICLE® Forms) = Quick, Easy, Accurate Forms

What attorney doesn’t want the ability to prepare forms easily, quickly, accurately, and intelligently? With the Institute’s latest innovation you can do just that. Formulaw, powered by TheFormTool PRO, revolutionizes document preparation for Illinois attorneys, freeing up valuable time to accomplish more than ever before.


To purchase TheFormTool PRO for a one-time fee of $89, click here

[$89 Lifetime License for PRO]+ (the Cost of IICLE® Formulaw Forms and Suites) = Transformation of Your Practice
Smart Start
What is Formulaw?
What is TheFormTool PRO?
How do I use my Formulaw Form or Suite of Forms?
Why should I use it?
How do I get Formulaw forms?

If you don’t already own PRO, click here to purchase it: www.theformtool.com/formulaw.

For video tutorials, check out www.iicle.com/formulawtutorials

Purchase your chosen Formulaw Form Suite from the Institute. 

Download your complimentary Illinois Attorney's Toolkit Complimentary Automated Forms Package.

Licensing Info
IICLE® has several forms suites in varied practice areas under construction. Contact us today at (800) 252-8062 to find out more or to request development of a new suite.

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