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Building Your Brand – Easy & Effective Marketing Strategies for Your Firm

Sabrina Bier and Jayne Corcoran will take you through the overall branding process, how to establish your online presence, managing customer relations, exploring options for outreach and finding what works for you, strategic social media use, executing your marketing plan, and ethics considerations.

Condos, Townhomes and Co-Ops

An attorney could walk down the street and see three identical buildings. Although these buildings might be identical on the outside, one could be a townhouse, one could be a condominium, and one could be a cooperative. What is the difference between these three types of multi-family living structures? Dick Bales will discuss all three, with plenty of practical information for the real estate practitioner.

Decoding Chicago Zoning

This program will discuss the intricacies of the Chicago Zoning Ordinance and its implications on the real estate transactions in the City of Chicago. The webinar will provide (1) an overview of why and when a zoning inquiry and analysis is necessary and beneficial for your real estate clients; (2) how to efficiently and effectively perform zoning due diligence and obtain necessary zoning information about a property; (3) what types of zoning relief are available and authorized by the Ordinance, and how to apply for such relief from the requirements of the Zoning Code; (4) the program will also touch on the following select recent changes to the Chicago Zoning Ordinance that may affect clients who own or develop real estate in the City of Chicago: the Additional Dwelling Unit Ordinance, Pilsen Preservation District Ordinance, Predominance of the Block (606) District Ordinance and the Air Quality Ordinance. The program will provide helpful practice tips and strategies to incorporate the zoning due diligence into your real estate practice. Participants will learn to use the zoning map tool and navigate the zoning ordinance, which will enhance the level of legal services provided to their clients.

Cyber Security - People Are the Weakest Link

A review of recent studies and statistics surrounding cyber security and how people continue to be the weakest link. This session will be led by Tom Cronkright who is an attorney, title agency owner, wire fraud victim and Executive Chairman of CertifID. He will review statistics around COVID and how work from home, mobile payments and social distancing has increased the threat of cyber fraud on companies and consumers. This session will also include new insights, strategies, and technologies to keep you and your customers safe from cyber fraud.

Advanced Survey Analysis

Generally speaking, title company seminars on surveys are often limited to the various types of surveys, encroachments, and building line violations. “Advanced Survey Analysis” is a quantum leap forward. Topics to be discussed are gaps and overlaps; the center of section problem; the apportionment rule; fences and the rectangular survey system; the basis of the bearing problem; legal descriptions and occupational evidence; and surveys of riparian (waterfront) property. An illustrated treatise on the subject, prepared exclusively for this presentation, will be distributed to all attendees.

Advanced Topics in Property Tax: Reassessment Update, Exemptions Explained, and Proration Disasters

Advanced Topics in Property Tax: Reassessment Update, Exemptions Explained, and Proration Disasters

Changes To the Transfer on Death Instrument Act

The legislation that originally created the Transfer on Death Instrument became law in 2012. It is codified as 755 ILCS 27/1 et seq. (“The Act.”) This statute was amended in 2015. There is now a second amendment, Public Act 102-0068, which is effective January 1, 2022. Public Act 102-0068 is truly a major revision of the Act. Consider just a few of these new changes: The Act is no longer the Illinois Residential Real Property Transfer on Death Instrument Act because the Act is no longer limited to just residential real estate. Effective January 1, 2022, a spouse can now renounce a Transfer on Death Instrument and take his or her statutory share. Dick Bales has put together a comprehensive 26-page handout where he thoroughly discusses all the changes to the Act. When appropriate, he uses situational examples to better illustrate these changes. In addition, he has put together a list of what he feels are some areas of concern to both attorneys and title companies.