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Intellectual Property Law Suite

This Formulaw suite includes a range of respected IICLE® Intellectual Property forms with the added efficiency of TheFormTool PRO automation.
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PLEASE NOTE: You will need to own or purchase TheFormTool PRO software tool, available at https://shop.theformtool.com//, to use the automated features of this form. This software works better on a PC than a Mac.

The forms in this suite come from IICLE®’s trusted library of publications. Automation has been added to optimize the process of filling them out and transferring data on one client from one form to another. Each form includes a query table that allows you to enter data once and then click a button to populate the form. The automation will ensure that subjects and verbs agree, pronouns are correct, and dates are in the proper formatting. When you're done filling out one instance of the form, you'll still have for your next matter the clean template ready to use, ensuring you won’t accidentally carry over details from a previous version. Since the automation works right in Microsoft Word for Windows, you can also edit the forms at any point in the process.

This Suite includes the following 13 forms:

Accused Infringer Interrogatories

Affirmative Defenses to Complaint for Patent Infringement

Assignment of Patent Rights

Assignment of Trademark

Cease-and-Desist Letter

Complaint for Trademark Infringement, False Designation of Origin, Unfair Competition, and Deceptive Trade Practices

Employee Agreement Regarding Confidentiality and Intellectual Property

Exclusive Patent License Agreement

Invention Disclosure Form

Nonexclusive Patent License Agreement

Notice of Opposition

Patentee Interrogatories

Sample Complaint for Patent Infringement


Special thanks to Authors: Marc V. Richards, Brinks Gilson & Lione, Chicago; Keith D. Weiss, Brinks Gilson & Lione, Ann Arbor, Michigan; Jafon Fearson, Brinks, Gilson & Lione, Chicago; Laura Beth Miller, Brinks Gilson & Lione, Chicago; John S. Paniaguas, Clark Hill PLC, Chicago; and Bradley L. Cohn, Pattishall, McAuliffe, Newbury, Hilliard & Gerladson LLP, Chicago

For more information about Formulaw, check out http://www.iicle.com/formulaw.

For video tutorials, check out www.iicle.com/formulawtutorials.

Online Library Subscribers, check out Intellectual Property Law for commentary on the implementation of this suite in your clients’ matters. 

IICLE® digital products, including Formulaw Forms and Suites, are non-returnable and thus non-refundable.


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    Intellectual Property Law Suite

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