In observation of Presidents Day, IICLE will be closed on Monday February 17, 2020.


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ISBA Member Benefit: Introductory Online Library Subscription, 6 Months

This exclusive ISBA member benefit is available only to new subscribers to the IICLE Online Library.

This introductory offer provides 6 months of access to the entire IICLE Online Library of over 140 publications and related forms at an exclusive discount. 

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Introductory Subscribers who select the auto-renewal option will be billed at the annual rate for a standard 12-month subscription at the conclusion of the 6-month introductory term. For details about the standard Online Library subscription click here. If you do not select "Yes" for the auto-renewal option, your access to the Online Library will cease at the termination of your 6-month Introductory Subscription period. 

(The red asterisk next to the Auto-Renewal Option at right indicates that an answer to this question is required to proceed with the Introductory Subscription Offer.)

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Annual Subscription
$245.00 / Year

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