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The videos below are designed to walk you through the process of setting up and using your Formulaw forms. 

Formulaw Video 1: Basics of Using a Formulaw Form

Formulaw Video 2: How to Download TheFormTool PRO

Formulaw Video 3: The Importance of Saving Formulaw Forms in docx

Formulaw Video 4: How to Set Up Master Lists

Formulaw Video 5: Entering Data Into a Formulaw Questionnaire

Formulaw Video 6: Entering Data In Grids

Formulaw Video 7: How to Fill, Petrify, and Save Your Formulaw Form

Video 8: Changing MS Word Features (Autocorrect and Hyperlinks)

Video 9: How to Navigate between the Questionnaire and the Form (Hyperlinks and Peek Next)

Video 10: Buttons (Series, Reset, Clear Answers)

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