IICLE Formulaw Powered by TheFormTool Pro

Formulaw, powered by TheFormToolPRO, is the automated forms solution for attorneys who wish to purchase individual forms and forms suites a la carte.

Formulaw forms contain a simple questionnaire at the end of the form that is designed to guide you through the document drafting process. Simply fill in your client’s relevant data, click the FILL button, and the form will automatically populate with all your information. Formulaw forms are intelligent and designed to take into account a wide variety of variables, including:

  • gender-specific pronouns
  • subject-verb agreement
  • verb tenses
  • mathematical computations
  • and more

Once you’ve completed your form, click “Petrify” to remove the questionnaire. You can now save a unique copy of your document on your personal computer. Whenever you need to complete a new version of the document, simply open the form again, and you’ll have a fresh version of the template waiting – no need to delete or erase any information “left behind” from your previous client.

Formulaw forms powered by TheFormToolPRO are available across a wide variety of practice areas and fields. Based on trusted IICLE® content, these forms simplify and streamline your document drafting process. Simply purchase the form or forms suites that are right for your practice, and they are yours to own forever.

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