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Family Law Series 2014

A selection of important topics affecting everyday family law practice.
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Moderator: Mitchell B. GordonBradford & Gordon, LLC, Chicago

Modern Day Parenting Time
A lot has changed since the days when every case ended with one parent having "custody" and the other with "visitation" every other weekend. Learn about today's considerations in parenting time, including 50/50 time splits, "bird-nesting", and how to create an argument that an alternative time arrangement is in your client's child's best interest.
Joshua BedwellMirabella, Kindcaid, Frederick, & Mirabella, LLC, Wheaton
Erin BognarGriffin McCarthy & Rice, LLP, Chicago

Custody Evaluations
Custody evaluations can be a valuable tool to in disputes over child-related decision making, caretaking, and access to the children. Learn what information may be involved in a custody evaluation and discuss pros and cons, and then hear a practical approach about when they can be used to help clients reach goals and create a better resolution for everyone.
Jessica Bank InterlandiSchiller DuCanto & Fleck, LLP, Chicago Tim JasperDavis Friedman, LLP, Chicago

Attorneys' Fees
1.0 Hours Professional Responsibility (pending approval)
Getting paid is an important part of any law practice. This session will help you get a better understanding of the attorneys' fees provisions of the IMDMA and also new case law, like the recent decision in In re Marriage of Earlywine, that could affect your fees.
Kristen CareyKamerlink, Stark & Powers, LLC, Chicago
Michael DiDomenicoLake Toback Attorneys, Chicago

Our population is more mobile than ever before. Ensure that you know the ins and outs of jurisdiction in your custody and support cases, including enforcement under Uniform Interstate Family Support Act, what bases you can use to challenge, and how to litigate under the UCCJA.
Maria A. CitinoBradford & Gordon, LLC, Chicago
David SilbermanWeiman Silberman, LLC, Chicago

Maintenance in Family Law Cases
While it can be relatively easy to determine whether a spouse is entitled to maintenance on a statutory basis, determining an amount is anything but simple. Listen to a discussion about factors considered in maintenance awards, including "lifestyle", child support awards, other financial assets, and strategies for using assets to reach the best outcome for your client.
Nicole OnoratoKatz Stefani LLC, Chicago
Patrick RyanSchiller DuCanto & Fleck, LLP, Chicago

Pre- & Post- Nuptial Agreements
Drafting pre- and post-nuptial agreements is an exercise in negotiation. Get tips and strategies to avoid costly litigation and achieve satisfying results for your clients. Learn provisions that will best protect your client's interests whether it is their first marriage or their last.
Andrew EngleDavis Friedman, LLP, Chicago
Lindsey MarkusChuhak & Tecson, P.C., Chicago


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