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Estate Planning Essentials Suite

This collection includes 10 essential automated and fully editable IICLE® forms that make drafting for estate planners more streamlined and accurate.
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PLEASE NOTE: You will need to purchase TheFormTool PRO software tool, available at https://shop.theformtool.com//, to use the automated features of these forms. This software works better on a PC than a Mac.

Estate Planning just got better with this Suite of Formulaw forms. These automated forms are up-to-date, with extensive questionnaires, helpful optional additions, and links to relevant explanatory passages in IICLE®’s Online Library, which the forms are based on. Easy to use and smart, Formulaw forms enable the user to enter relevant data just once in the query table attached to the form and then click a button to populate the entire form. The automation will ensure that subjects and verbs agree, pronouns are correct, and dates are in the proper formatting. When you're done filling out one form, you'll still have a clean template ready to use for your next matter, ensuring you won’t accidentally carry over details from a previous version.

Data entered into a form in this Formulaw suite is compatible across other forms included in the suite. If you’ve entered data on all the parties, transfer it to all the other forms in this Estate Planning Suite, saving you the time and potential for error that redundant data entry creates. To see how TheFormTool PRO makes this possible, check out this video.

Included in this package are the following forms:

Affidavit of Heirship

Appointment of Agent to Control Disposition of Remains

Direction on Anatomical Gifts

Last Will and Testament

Living Will

Petition for Fees

Power of Attorney for Health Care

Power of Attorney for Property

Revocable Grantor Trust

Small Estate Affidavit

Special thanks to R. Michael Drone, Conger & Elliott, PC; Susan T. Bart and Camille Lu, Sidley Austin LLP; and Patricia Hoke, Barrett, Twomey, Broom, Hughes & Hoke, LLP

For more information about Formulaw, check out www.iicle.com/formulaw.

For video tutorials, check out www.iicle.com/formulawtutorials

IICLE® digital products, including Formulaw Forms and Suites, are non-returnable and thus non-refundable. 


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    Estate Planning Essentials Suite

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