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Logic, Argumentation, and Persuasion

The purpose of this powerful new series from Lenné Eidson Espenschied is to help lawyers develop a practical, working knowledge of the principles of logic, argumentation, and persuasion. “Logic” is a study of the principles of sound reasoning; “Argumentation” is the process of reasoning systematically to support a proposition; “Persuasion” is the process by which a person’s attitudes are influenced by communications from other people. This four-part web series will take place on Thursdays in June 2022.

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Essentials of Contract Drafting

Good writing does not necessarily equate to good contract drafting; the objectives are different so your strategy should be, too. In this fast-paced two-hour CLE, learn practical contract drafting essentials you will apply throughout your entire practice. From choosing the right format, to drafting payment terms and warranties, to understanding strategies for drafting boilerplate provisions, national speaker Lenné Espenschied shares tips and techniques to help you avoid critical errors, improve the quality of your work and draft with more confidence.

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Cyber Age Ethics for Transactional Lawyers

Got ethics? This program will explore ethical issues in the Cyber Age from a transactional lawyer's perspective. Using the ABA's Model Rules of Professional Conduct and recent legal ethics opinions as guides, we'll consider sticky situations that often arise in the course of negotiating and drafting contracts.

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How to Draft a Rock Solid Indemnification Provision

Indemnification is the key mechanism for shifting risk under a contract. In this program, we will describe six different types of indemnification and show you how to break the basic indemnification provision into seven negotiable components. We'll discuss first-party indemnification provisions, and how to negotiate like a pro, even in low-leverage situations.

Not included in IICLE® Online All-Access subscription.
From $80.00

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