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Special-Needs Trusts FLASHPOINTS September 2019

September 13, 2019Print This Post Print This Post

Scott Nixon, Life’s Plan, Inc.
630-628-7189 | E-mail Scott Nixon

IICLE® gratefully acknowledges this sponsored content, provided by Life’s Plan, Inc.

Life’s Plan, Inc., Provides Grant-Funding to Illinois Individuals

Life’s Plan, Inc., will be offering grants to individuals with disabilities and those with mental health issues here in Illinois starting on September 1, 2019. The grant application will be posted on the Life’s Plan, Inc., pooled trust services home website, www.lifesplaninc.org.

Life’s Plan, Inc., has also donated $5,000 this year to the Arc of Illinois for their Assistive Technology Program that offers individuals with disabilities further assistance toward inclusion in their communities and neighborhoods. These $500 grants will add an improved quality of life to these individuals with a much-needed assistive technology. We are very excited that we can provide these funding opportunities in giving back to our communities here in Illinois.

Life’s Plan, Inc., has been taking care of individuals with disabilities for nearly 34 years, offering a complementary menu of trust services, including our pooled trusts, as well offering families an alternative to banks with our individual trust management.

Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1993 (OBRA) pooled trusts are critical financial mechanisms for individuals with disabilities and their families. They offer an opportunity to protect assets of small estates for the beneficiary, while not jeopardizing key public benefits with the creation of the pooled trust. OBRA pooled trusts can protect assets for a disabled individual in crisis to avoid loss of their government benefits.

The trust assets can provide a wide array of supplemental goods and services that can improve the overall quality of life. OBRA pooled trusts are excluded resources in the way they are set up for Social Security Supplemental Security Income and Medicaid programs. Pooled trusts can be a great resource for attorneys seeking to find a qualified trustee for their clients’ special needs trust. They can be utilized for small and large estates. There is no consultation costs to seeking assistance from organizations such as Life’s Plan, Inc.

Feel free to call me today at 630-628-7189 or e-mail me at snixon@lifesplaninc.org for more information or go to our website, www.lifesplaninc.org.

SPONSORED CONTENT DISCLAIMER: Please note that this article was provided by a sponsor of the Illinois Institute for Continuing Legal Education. The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of the Institute.

For more information about special-needs trusts, see ESTATE PLANNING IN ADULT GUARDIANSHIPS — 2019 EDITION. Online Library subscribers can view it for free by clicking here. If you don’t currently subscribe to the Online Library, visit www.iicle.com/subscriptions.


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