Blog posts of '2021' 'June'

FLASHPOINTS Spotlight June 2021

Nina B. Stillman, The Stillman Law Group, Chicago
312-819-5360 | E-mail Nina B. Stillman

The Institute celebrates the volunteer work of Nina B. Stillman of The Stillman Law Group in Chicago for the June 2021 FLASHPOINTS Author Spotlight. Stillman contributed as an author to CAUSES OF ACTION: PROBAT...

Civil Litigation FLASHPOINTS June 2021

Michael L. Cardoza, Katten Muchin Rosenman LLP, Chicago
312-902-5520 | E-mail Michael L. Cardoza

No More Equitable Estoppel for Would-Be Candidates

In Corbin v. Schroeder, 2021 IL 127052, the Illinois Supreme Court held that two prospective candidates for President of the Village of Glendale Heig...

Condominium Law FLASHPOINTS June 2021

Kenneth Michaels, Jr., Bauch & Michaels, LLC, Chicago
312-588-5000 | E-Mail Kenneth Michaels, Jr.

Court Upholds Extinguishing Association Lien Through Deed in Lieu

A recent Rule 23 opinion from the Illinois Appellate Court, First District, held that a unit owner could extinguish the condominium as...

Criminal Law FLASHPOINTS June 2021

Matthew R. Leisten, Ogle County State’s Attorney’s Office, Oregon
815-732-1170 | E-mail Matthew R. Leisten

Search Warrant Obtained 16 Months After Arrest Suppressed Because of Delay

In People v. Meakens, 2021 IL App (2d) 180991, the Second District Appellate Court suppressed an iPhone search warra...

Employment & Labor Law FLASHPOINTS June 2021

Catherine R. Locallo, Robbins Schwartz, Chicago
312-332-7760 | E-mail Catherine R. Locallo

Plaintiff’s Cat’s Paw Theory of Liability Failed To Scratch Surface

On April 23, 2021, the Seventh Circuit affirmed the district court’s grant of summary judgment to Bradley University in an action alleging ...

Estate Planning & Probate Law FLASHPOINTS June 2021

Elizabeth A. Garlovsky & Sarah M. Barnes, Harrison & Held, LLP, Chicago
312-753-6185 | E-mail Elizabeth A. Garlovsky | 312-753-6155 | E-mail Sarah M. Barnes

Reflecting on Mental Health Awareness Month: A Refresher on Power of Attorney for Healthcare, Advanced Directives and Guardianships, and What...

Family Law FLASHPOINTS June 2021

Donald C. Schiller | Schiller DuCanto & Fleck LLP, Chicago, Lake Forest & Wheaton
Michelle A. Lawless | Law Office of Michelle A. Lawless LLC, Chicago
312-641-5560 | E-mail Donald Schiller | 312-741-1092 | E-mail Michelle Lawless

Motion To Dismiss Petition for Parental Responsibilities and Parent...

Financial Services FLASHPOINTS June 2021

Michael L. Weissman, Levin Ginsburg, Chicago
312-368-0100 | E-mail Michael L. Weissman

Earlier UCC Filing Without Debtor Authorization Can Be Ratified

Among a variety of issues addressed by Bankruptcy Judge Michael Wiles in In re Scorpion Fitness, Inc., Case No. 19-11231 (MEW), 2020 WL 2529357 (Ba...

Workers' Compensation FLASHPOINTS June 2021

Joseph P. Basile | E-mail Joseph Basile

This month, a Rule 23 order of the Workers’ Compensation Commission Division of the Illinois Appellate Court on the issue of whether Illinois had jurisdiction over a claim is reviewed. The case also presents an issue involving the parol evidence rule.