Real Estate Law Online Academy Session 6 – Probate and TODI's

Credits: 1 General, 0 Diversity/Inclusion PR, 0 MH/SA PR, 0 Other PR
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$75.00 or 1.00 credits
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The Mindful & Resilient Attorney

Recognizing the demanding nature of the legal profession, this session provides proven techniques for eliminating toxic stress, balancing personal and professional priorities, and encouraging peak performance. This program educates legal professionals on the impact toxic stress has on the body and brain - resulting in detrimental consequences to health, wellness and job performance. It then provides participants with evidence-based strategies to lower stress, build resilience and thrive in their personal and professional lives.

Understanding and Communicating with LGBTQ and Transgender Colleagues, Clients and Children

Increase your understanding about the most respectful manner for communicating with LGBTQ and transgender colleagues and clients. Develop sensitivity to challenges in communicating with transgender children during custody proceedings.

Condominium Association Governance After P.A. 99-0567

In 2014, the First District Illinois Appellate Court sent a seismic wave through the community of condominium/HOA attorneys, managers, and boards in Palm v. 2800 Lake Shore Drive Condominium Association (“Palm II”). In it, the Court all but outlawed informal communications among board members on association matters and blocked many board efforts to delegate authority to property managers. The presenters explain the issues the court faced, detail how it interpreted portions of the Illinois Condominium Property Act to address them, and outline how association attorneys, managers, and board members have been forced to adapt. They also discuss how legislation has begun to change state law to counter some of the most drastic effects of the ruling and provide best practices for navigating them. Finally, they will identify issues still looming, and potential legal and practical responses.