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  • Credits: 0 General, 0 Diversity/Inclusion PR, 0 MH/SA PR, 0.5 Other PR
  • Product ID: P1812-18E-06
  • Original Program Date: 9/28/2018
  • Formats:
    • e-learn

Writing the Decision and Review Briefs in Work Comp Category: Categories, Workers' Compensation, Practice Basics, Online Content

Get tips and strategies and better understand the format for preparing and submitting Proposed Findings and Review Briefs at the Commission. Originally presented as part of Work Comp Trial Boot Camp, available in its entirety as P1812-18U.

  • Product ID: 19WDSA-U
  • Formats:
    • Handbook
    • E-book

Wrongful-Death and Survival Actions 2019 Edition Category: Civil Litigation, eBooks

Essential guide for attorneys dealing with complicated issues in wrongful-death and survival actions.

  • Credits: 0 General, 0 Diversity/Inclusion PR, 0 MH/SA PR, 1 Other PR
  • Product ID: P9007-18E-04
  • Original Program Date: 10/8/2018
  • Formats:
    • e-learn

You Want to Do WHAT with Your Remains? Cultural Influences on End-of-Life and Burial Decisions Category: Elder Law, Ethics & Professional Responsibility, Online Content

Learn the common and not-so-common cultural traditions that will help you develop a robust, culturally adherent plan for your clients. Originally presented as part of the 14th Annual Elder Law Short Course, available in its entirety as P9007-18U.

  • Credits: 1 General, 0 Diversity/Inclusion PR, 0 MH/SA PR, 0 Other PR
  • Product ID: P9017-17E-04
  • Original Program Date: 12/13/2017
  • Formats:
    • e-learn

Zoning Gone Wild! Controversial Hearings and Meetings Category: Government & Legislative Law, Online Content

A hypothetical zoning petition is presented and a variety of the procedural issues that come up in controversial zoning hearings and meetings are discussed.


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