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Premises Liability 2017 QuickGuide

This handy guide, by Stuart N. Rappaport, provides practical advice for Illinois attorneys on premises liability law.
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What duties does the landowner owe to those on the premises? In what situations is liability likely or unlikely? What about the plaintiff’s duty to watch out for his or her own safety? What rules apply in specific situations? How will an Illinois court look at the case of a customer who slips on ice in a parking lot, stumbles over a crack in a sidewalk, slips on a foreign substance inside the store, fails to negotiate a step, or is assaulted by another patron? Which parties may be liable? What happens when the case goes to court? When you need the answers to any of these questions, turn to this resource for Illinois attorneys practicing in the area of premises liability or dealing with premises liability through a related matter. This QuickGuide examines a large body of Illinois law and is your first reference for understanding the unique legal principles governing your client’s case.

2017 QuickGuide 

Stuart N. Rappaport, Lindsay, Pickett, Rappaport & Postel, LLC, Chicago

1 — Overview
2 — The Elements of the Premises Liability Case
3 — Open and Obvious Conditions
4 — The Duty of Reasonable Care and Specific Rules for Particular Fact Situations
5 — Liability for Construction Site Accidents
6 — The Impact of Building Codes, Statues, and Ordinances
7 — The Voluntary Assumption of Duty Theory
8 — Rules for Certain Categories of Plaintiffs
9 — Statutory Immunity for Property Used for Recreational Purposes
10 — Common-Law Contact Sports Immunity
11 — Governmental Entities as Landowners
12 — Liability for Failure To Prevent Injuries from Third Parties
13 — Which Parties Are Subject to Liability
14 — Planning for and Allocating the Risk
15 — Investigating the Claim
16 — The Illinois Court System and the Illinois Law Applicable to Personal Injury Claims
17 — Appendix of Forms


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