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October 2017
Spotlight Author

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Business Law By Joseph Kish

Chicago Cubs Not in Violation of Antitrust for Blocking Rooftop Views; Settlement and Class Certification Reversed for Failure To Benefit Class; Website Potentially Liable for Infringement from Moderators’ Actions Under DMCA

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Condominium Law By Kenneth Michaels, Jr.

An Introduction to Fiduciary Duties Owed by a Condominium Director, Part 2

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Employment & Labor Law By Amanda Tiebert Collman

Seventh Circuit Determines Extended Medical Leave of Absence Not Reasonable Accommodation Under Americans with Disabilities Act

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Amata Law Center
Estate Planning & Probate Law By Janet Rae Montgomery

Rescuing Bad IRA Beneficiary Designations and More

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Ethics & Professional Responsibility By Terrence P. McAvoy & Thomas P. Sukowicz

Disclosing Identity of Client for Purposes of Marketing; Disqualification for Use of Inadvertently Disclosed Privileged Information

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Family Law By Donald C. Schiller & Michelle A. Lawless

First District Changes Opinion on Proper Timing of Postjudgment Appeals; Companion Animal Amendments Effective Jan. 1, 2018; Collaborative Process Act Effective Jan. 1, 2018; HFS Website’s Child Support Estimator

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Financial Services By Michael L. Weissman

Failure To Satisfy Key Term in Commitment Letter Permits Lender To Reject Proposed Loan; Foreclosure Purchaser of Condo Must Pay Post-Purchase Assessments Promptly To Avoid Liability for Unpaid Prepurchase Assessments

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Insurance Law By Michael H. Passman

Claims “Intertwined” with Excluded Liability Are Not Covered

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Workers’ Compensation By Joseph P. Basile

Claimant Failed To Prove Employer Had Knowledge That Claimant Was Compensated from Concurrent Employment; Petitioner’s Fall on Rainy Wet Surface Was Not Risk of Job

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