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  • Credits: 5.00 General, 1.00 Professional Responsibility
  • Product ID: P1802-18U
  • Original Program Date: 02/02/2018
  • Formats:
    • DVD
    • Webcast
    • Simulcast
    • Live Event

Conquering E-Discovery for Criminal Lawyers Category: Criminal, DVD, Webcasts, Evidence Law

Let our experts help you better understand what electronic evidence is available for use in criminal cases and how you can obtain and best utilize it! Topics addressed include: body cameras; squad car camera footage and radio transmissions; 911 calls; cell phone call and text records; and social media accounts.

  • Credits: 5.00 General, 1.00 Professional Responsibility
  • Product ID: P1044-17U
  • Original Program Date: 10/9/2017
  • Formats:
    • DVD

Scientific Evidence in Criminal Cases Category: Criminal, Programs, Evidence Law

Learn about the most cutting-edge scientific issues presented in criminal cases, including: Illinois Requirements for Admissibility of Breath Alcohol Tests, Issues with Identification Testimony, Litigating Forensic Fingerprint Evidence, Blood Preservation Procedures and Suppression Tactics, and Drug Recognition Experts. You’ll also learn about BAIID devices and how Technology and Social Media can be used to formulate a defense.


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